Monday, May 5, 2014

1,000 Gifts

"Gratitude is a magnet, attracting filings of goodness out of the expanse of the past. Authentic thanks in all  things is possible because our God is a God kneading all things together...when we don’t focus on what we can thank God for, we can’t focus on living for God."

2324. Thunderstorms
2325. Green grass
2326. Tulips blooming in the garden
2327. {Good read}
2328. Remembering God's faithfulness in allowing me to go to Thailand one year ago...
2329. ...the friendships that were formed as a result...
2330. ...and the beautiful, smiling little girls who stole a piece of my heart
2331. A Twins game with Dan
2332. A cup of hot cocoa
2333. {He will come to us like the rain}
2334. Doodling
2335. "God, in His great providence, has called us not to watch history, but to shape history for the glory of His name."
2336. A "bridesmaids night" making decorations for Christina's wedding
2337. Chipotle with Mom and Andy
2338. Errands with mom
2339. Thrift store finds
2340. Dinner and playoff hockey with the family
2341. A beautiful Saturday to work on projects
2342. Budding trees

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