Monday, April 28, 2014

1,000 Gifts

"We are the Resurrection People who know that hope can rise from the dead places and that impossible stones can be rolled back to light and right now all the sad things are becoming undone. No matter how the world turns, there’s no turning that stone back now. We’re the Resurrection people who believe that we can turn back, that people can turn back, that situations can turn around, because we’ve seen that stone’s been rolled back. Nothing and no one is impossible now because impossible stones have now been rolled away. We’re the Resurrection People and the brave Hosanna is our forever song. The way we roll — is that the stone’s been rolled away."

2300. Easter morning Hope
2301. {The cornerstone of Christianity is rotting cell sparkling...}
2302. Love crucified, arose
2303. A final Trio con Brio with two of my dearest friends
2304. Playing cello
2305. {Why do you seek the living among the dead?}
2306. But as for me, I know my Redeemer lives...after my skin is destroyed, I will see God
2307. He is risen. He is risen indeed.
2308. The folded napkin
2309. Cousin time
2310. Deviled eggs
2311. Loud games in the backyard
2312. Dirty feet
2313. A morning at the park
2314. Flip-flops
2315. A brother home
2316. Answered prayers
2317. Running
2318. A chat with Nikkia after cello
2319. A drive in the country
2320. Holding puppies
2321. A breathtaking sunset
2322. Happening upon a vintage sale
2323. We are Resurrection People

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