Monday, April 14, 2014

1,000 Gifts

"The Cross isn’t just the kindling that ignites our Christian life … the Cross is the very fuel of all of our life. To the degree you experience Jesus and the Cross as Beautiful every day, you will be changed every day into beautiful."

2259. {This...go listen now!}
2260. Jerry Benjamin conference
2261. Cribbage games
2262. Kids playing in the backyard
2263. An afternoon walk
2264. An open sunroof
2265. Sunshine
2266. Baseball on the radio
2267. Tulips poking through the ground
2268. Twins game with Andy and Par
2269. 70 degrees and sunny
2270. National Siblings Day...pretty sure I have the best! :)
2271. A weekend in Duluth
2272. Morning fog over Lake Superior
2273. Dilly bars from Dairy Queen
2274. Sunshine radiating from behind clouds
2275. A photoshoot with Dan

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