Monday, April 7, 2014

1,000 Gifts

"Where we feel weak, our weaknesses are a cup for God’s power. Where we feel stretched thin, our stretching is a canvas for God’s glory. Where we feel out of our depths, right there is where we touch the depths of the love of God."

2241. {Rejoice in Hope}
2242. Sunshine on a Sunday afternoon
2243. {Fill your life with joy}
2244. Deep-fried ice cream
2245. Movie night
2246. Hanging out with Hannah!
2247. {God's Not Dead}
2248. A rainbow coming through storm clouds
2249. {Have you not known...?}
2250. Wednesday with the girlies
2251. Listening to the Bible on my morning commute
2252. London planning
2253. Shopping with mom
2254. Chipotle for lunch
2255. A good deal on a cute new dress
2256. Cleaning out
2257. New photos up in the bedroom
2258. {And who knows...}

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