Monday, March 31, 2014

1,000 Gifts

"Because God really is strong in our weakness and if we seek Him, we really do find Him—even in our toughest moments. If things are tough for you, or if your life doesn’t make sense right now, hang on. Trust that God is just…He has a plan and a purpose."

2226. Chicken on the grill
2227. A sweet little puppy who romped through our childhood...
2228. ....sat on our laps through endless hours of studying...
2229. ...and faithfully waited for us to get home from work or across the world
2230. A late night flower delivery
2231. Dog sitting for my nanny family
2232. Lunch with Dan and Mom
2233. A day out with mom
2234. A Friday morning to sleep in
2235. Lunch at Cosettas with Jess
2235. Exploring the grandiose James J. Hill House
2236. Coffee with Jess, Phil, and Dan, discussing wedding photos
2237. Fast Food Friday at Dyna's
2238. Family game night
2239. A Saturday to sort through closets
2240. {A good read}

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