Monday, March 17, 2014

1,000 Gifts

"The way to keep the rhythm of life — is to count the ways He loves.  The most brilliant way to live is to always look for the light."

2193. "More" daylight
2194. Consignment store finds
2195. {You are my great Reward}
2196. Rolled down windows
2197. Fresh flowers on the counter on a Monday morning
2198. {And what does the Lord require of you...}
2199. Shrinking snowbanks
2200. A night to plan out finances
2201. "And hope maketh not ashamed..."
2202. {A good read}
2203. "The Lord will perfect that which concerns me"
2204. A drive through the country
2205. Lunch at Allie's house
2206. A long-overdue chat with Leah
2207. A Decibel Points photo shoot
2208. Jessie's very last girl's night :)
2209. A gorgeous sunset
2210. A tournament to judge at
2211. Dinner with Pricilla and Alyssa

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