Monday, March 3, 2014

1,000 Gifts

"You will be most remembered — by what brought you most joy. The joy of the Lord is your strength and the person of Christ is your unassailable joy – and the battle for joy is nothing less than fighting the good fight of faith. Joy isn’t an optional feature to the Christian life — it’s the vital feature of the Christian life. Battle for joy or lose your life." 

2115. The guy in the truck who "unstuck" me from the snowbank
2116. A day with no school for the kiddos
2117. Little girls sleeping on my floor
2118. Fresh snow coming down
2119. Chasing the sun
2120. Mom's frosted valentine
2121. Andy giving us an early morning ride to the airport
2122. Watching the sun rise through the plane window
2123. Florida!
2124. Dinner overlooking the inter-coastal waterway
2125. Palm trees
2126. Flip-flops
2127. Sleeping with the window open
2128. An evening walk on the beach
2129. Watching the sun set over the ocean
2130. {This read}
2131. Wind blown hair
2132. Picnic lunches
2133. Umbrellas on the beach
2134. White sand
2135. The blue-green water of the ocean
2136. A nap in the sun
2137. Ocean breezes
2138. Salt water
2139. Ice cream after a day at the beach
2140. "Your sins and iniquities, He remembers no more."
2141. Sun breaking through clouds
2142. Playing cribbage
2143. A walk on the beach with mom
2144. Sitting in the pool all afternoon
2145. Golden light
2146. Palm trees on an island
2147. Driving with the windows rolled down
2148. The rhythmic sound of waves crashing on the sand
2149. Lit-up palm trees
2150. Surprises
2151. Having Andy, Par, and Michael join us for a few days
2152. Serving a God who tells the ocean, "here your proud waves must stop"
2153. {"Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be the big things that you do, but the little people that you love"}
2154. Parasailing
2155. Swimming in the ocean
2156. Late nights and early mornings...packing in as much fun as we can
2157. A photo with Joe Mauer :)
2158. Ice cream for lunch
2159. Andrew's Amazing omelets
2160. {Grace in the everyday}
2161. Key-Lime dark chocolate
2162. A drive down highway 1
2163. Key Lime pie in Key West
2164. Snorkeling off of one of 3 live coral reefs in the world
2165. Listening to Twins baseball
2166. Seeing God's amazing creativity displayed in birds, fish, trees, reptiles, and more
2167. A reprieve from the cold
2168. 10 days of family time...what a gift
2169. Safe flights
2170. Dave picking us up from the airport
2171. {What God's graciously given you is always enough to be abundant grace for someone else}
2172. {This read}

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