Monday, February 10, 2014

1,000 Gifts

"Because He was full of grace and truth, from Him we all received grace upon grace, grace on top of grace, one gift stacked on another gift. No matter what is on the radar — there’s always more grace coming. Mercy is about not getting; Mercy is God not giving us what we deserve. Grace is about getting; Grace is God giving us gifts, exactly what we don’t deserve. Grace isn’t merely a free gift to the good enough — it’s a free gift to those who don’t deserve any gift at all."

2069. Hot soup on a cold night
2070. A chat with Leah
2071. A Sunday night game of cribbage
2072. Candles shining through lace covered jars
2073. Mercies new for every morning
2074. Matching pajamas with Whittie
2075. Longer days
2076. Stars shining brightly overhead
2077. Little people doubled over laughing
2078. A bird chirping...Spring always comes
2079. A pot of chili on the stove
2080. Flying the friendly skies
2081. World Changers Summit!
2082. The beauty of the Colorado rockies
2083. Voices raised in song
2084. Fresh, glittery snow falling
2085. A quick afternoon hike
2086. Rooming with Amy and Carissa
2087. Late night chats
2088. A mini-Thailand team reunion
2089. Encouragement to dream big dreams for God's glory
2090. New friends
2091. Practical advice
2092. An early morning visit to Garden of the Gods
2093. Watching the sun rise over the mountains
2094. Starbucks coffee to warm cold fingers and toes
2095. Giving little people airplane rides
2096. London Passes arriving in the mail...we're going to London!!!
2097. Listening in on a Decibel Points recording session
2098. Engagement photos for friends
2099. The sun sinking over St. Paul
2100 Bridal showers
2101. A long-over due visit with the Lundquists

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