Monday, December 9, 2013

1,000 Gifts

"In the middle of impossible messes, comes the Messiah who makes miracles possible."

1904. A Sunday drive through the country
1905. Chicago-mix popcorn
1906. Fresh flakes falling
1907. Lights on trees
1908. Building towers
1909. Playing music
1910. A cup of hot coaco
1911. Fuzzy socks
1912. {...You're here with us}
1913. Ella's Christmas program
1914. Judging debate
1915. Stars shining in the frigid night sky
1916. Chipotle with my birthday gift card
1917. A Friday night reading books and playing games with my little people
1918. A day full of baking with mom
1919. Tins full of the traditional Christmas cookies
1920. The familiar strains of favorite Christmas music
1921. "Silver Bells"
1922. A late-night showing of the "Book Thief"

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