Monday, October 28, 2013

1,000 Gifts

"Giving thanks in all things is how to pray continually — and this is the way to get to the joy.  This is the way to do God’s will for your right now."

1813. A Sunday afternoon nap
1814. A warm little puppy on my lap
1815. Watching the sun rise on my way to work
1816. The small flicker of a candle sitting on the table
1817. Good times park with Luke
1818. In Christ alone, my hope is found...
1819. Listening to a homeschool mom's testimony - clinging to the promise that God is faithful
1820. Ice packs, hospitals, doctors, medicine...I've been a big fan of them all this week
1821. Laying in a hospital bed for a few hours, realizing how blessed I have been to be so healthy all my life
1822. The one year anniversary of Brian's shooting...remembering God's protection
1823. Getting the ski trip housing figured out!
1824. Watching the World Series with Marie and Leah...and chatting with Michelle
1825. Ella's speech meet - she's a natural!
1826. Eating lunch with her at school
1827. A trip to Lanseboro
1828. A late  night movie
1829. Enjoying family time together
1830. The beauty of the Southern Minnesota countryside

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