Monday, October 7, 2013

1,000 Gifts

"And the real mystery of grace is that it always arrives in time. Like the wind, grace finds us wherever we are and won’t leave us however we were found."

1769. A beautiful Sunday to launch balloons
1770. The promise of eternity
1771. A sky full of tye-dye balloons
1772. Homemade egg rolls...
1773. ...only to be topped by homemade fried rice
1774. A final evening of softball for the summer
1775. Applebees after the game
1776. The opportunity to do some preschool photos
1777. Finishing orders for clients
1778. Things being on sale right when I need them
1779. Two last peaches and cream pies
1780. Dinner and a cello lesson with Nikkia
1781. Lunch with Dan and Mom on a rainy Thursday
1782. Working in the kitchen, making snacks with Mom
1783. Cornhole tournaments!
1784. Late night games
1785. Going to sleep with the sound of rain hitting the windows
1786. The crisp autumn air
1787. Listening to the Bible on tape during my drives to work

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