Monday, September 30, 2013

1,000 Gifts

"The way out of confusion is to concentrate: circle around Christ. Simplicity isn’t a matter of circumstances — it’s a matter of focus. Concentrate on Christ — and life becomes pure, concentrated joy."

1735. Family photos
1736. A late summer BBQ
1737. A birdcage that Erin made hanging in the corner of my room
1738. Cherry Berry with Luke
1739. Catching up with Mr. Grustans after his concert
1740. Listening to Ella read out loud
1741. Peach pie
1742. Leaves swaying in the autumn breeze
1743. Listening to audio dramas on road trips
1744. Storybook Weekend!
1745. Wizard with friends
1746. Chapel times
1747. An afternoon kayak ride with Ari
1748. A dream photoshoot come true! :)
1749. My photoshoot helpers
1750. A train coming by right when we needed it to!
1751. Playing music
1752. Listening to the kid's choirs
1753. Baptisms
1754. Volleyball
1755. Fabulous weather
1756. Ultimate Frisbee
1757. Four on a couch until three in the morning
1758. The wonderful staff at Storybook Lodge who make our retreat possible
1759. The night sky, filled with stars
1760. {The emptiness that cries out to be filled, the promise that Your word is deeper still...}
1761. SOG 2013
1762. Going to the park with Luke
1763. Stillwater with my mumsie!
1764. Browsing antique stores
1765. A walk by the river
1766. Root beer floats
1767. Mancala with Ella
1768. A picnic dinner on the living room floor with the girlies

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