Monday, May 13, 2013

1,000 Gifts

When you re-view blessings, you view your life right and you re-joice — and who doesn’t want joy over and over again? Rejoice – it means that: to swell with joy again, again, again.

1309. Goodbye hugs and promises of prayer from friends
1310. Robins hopping along on the snow covered ground - a reminder - Spring always comes
1311. "You were broken that I might be healed..."
1312. A Sunday afternoon nap
1313. My brother coming home!!!
1314. The happy sound of "my kiddos" chattering in the backseat on the way to gymnastics
1315. Sunshine!
1315. Finally being able to go outside with the kiddos!
1316. Impromptu visits from brothers
1317. Reciting The Sermon on the Mount under the stars
1318. Lunch with Mom, Dan, and the girlies
1319. Making chocolate chip cookies
1320. Dinner with the Stromme ladies...the last one with all of us for awhile
1321. Lunch outside
1322. Hamburgers on the grill
1323. Family game night
1324. Side-splitting laughter
1325. Open windows
1326. Birds chirping
1327. The first Dairy Queen of the season
1328. Dinner on Lake Peppin
1329. My big brothers...they're the bestest. :)
1330. Last minute calls, texts, emails, and Facebook messages from family and friends
1331. My travel buddy...thanks for being a good one, Leah!
1332. Anticipation
1332. Meeting up with the Thailand!
1333. A cold shower after a long day of travelling
1334. An overwhelming welcome from the girls and staff at House of Grace
1335. Aryia
1336. Fresh pineapple, mango, and watermelon
1337. Authentic Thai food
1338. Dinner time chats
1339. This article read on an early morning in Thailand
1340. Early morning quiet times
1341. Testimonies of grace
1342. Going out the door to be smothered in hugs
1343. Shoes being brought to all the right people
1344. Little geckos scooting across the wall
1345. The slap of little feet hitting the pavement
1346. The best fried rice ever
1347. Jutiporn - a humble hero of the faith
1348. Asian sunsets
1349. Cool rain
1350. Playing our hearts out on the playground
1351. Praying before shoots
1352. Singing in the van
1353. My hero of a brother
1354. Late night editing laughs
1355. Fresh flowers
1356. Brainstorming on the patio
1357. Listening to the girls sing outside while we were working inside
1358. Worship on Sunday morning...different languages, same God!
1359. Coconut Ice Cream party!
1360. Slowing down and praying and worshiping
1361. Each member of our team...Peter, Mandy, Hannah, Meagan, Leah, Andrew, Nathanael, and our little mascot Caleb. You were all so wonderful to work alongside and hang out with!
1362. Computers, tripods, redlights...the team coming together to create epic-ness
1363. God holding off storms, keeping us healthy, and allowing us to finish well
1364. A sky full of stars
1365. Tam Tams and M&Ms from Mandy...editing encouragement. :)
1366. Family and friends back home who were praying
1367. Watching the House of Grace staff watch the video for the first time
1368. Hugs, tears, and many pictures before leaving House of Grace
1369. Knowing that there's a place, half a world away, where little girls can just be little girls
1370. Plane rides
1371. Bangkok adventures
1372. Chilling on the patio our last night in Bangkok
1373. Watching the sunset from the river
1374. Starbucks together in the Bangkok airport
1375. Watching "our video" together one last time before saying goodbye
1376. Sticky rice in the Bangkok airport
1377. A final "cheesy" airport picture
1378. Exit row seating!
1379. Deep discussions
1380. Changing the world
1381. Hannah navigating us through the Seoul airport and finding us benches to sleep on :)
1382. Heading home
1383. This verse, in an email, in the Seoul airport “Jesus… said, 'Go home to your own people and tell the how much the Lord has done for you, and how He has had mercy on you.'” … -Mark 5:19 
1384. Hearing the customs agent say "welcome home"
1385. Mom, Dad, and Ella meeting me at the airport
1386. Minnesota in full-blown really is beautiful
1387. Coming home to mom's chicken stir-fry
1388. Spring sheets
1389. Brothers and uncle stopping by to say welcome home
1390. Going to the ballet with Mom and Ella
1391. Sleep
1392. Thinking back on all God did to allow me to travel to Thailand, work with an amazing group of people, and tell the story of the work He's doing at House of Grace in Chiang Rai

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