Monday, April 22, 2013

1,000 Gifts

"Life is literally a gift — precisely because the Giver wasn’t required to give the gift at all. When life is a gift… it’s not about you but the Giver." -Ann Voskamp

1293. Breakfast at Nikkia's
1294. A giggly, productive, giggly  Trio practice
1295. Sparkly Aero sweatshirts
1296. Visiting with the Perkins
1297. The guys making it safely to El Paso
1298. Listening to The Lost Elevator on the radio!!!
1299. A library outing with my nanny kiddos
1300. Watching the sun set out the window
1301. Dad coming home from a long day's work, pulling my car into the garage and working on it...again.
1302. Reading books to a little Whitney girl curled up next to me on the couch
1303. Yogurt parfaits in new depression-era dishes
1304. Ella coming in my room with a drawing she had just colored
1305. Being goofy with the girls
1306. A Friend who wrote about simple blessings
1307. My parents
1308. Sunshine melting this ridiculous April snow! :)

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