Monday, March 25, 2013

1,000 Gifts

“Give thanks IF you are happy” is in reality: If you want to be happy — give thanks.” Giving thanks is what gets you joy.  Everyone gets to decide how happy they want to be. Because everyone gets to decide how grateful they are willing to be. Giving thanks is what gets you joy.

1219. {This Dare}
1220. Jerry Benjamin Conference at church
1221. Reubens on St. Patrick's Day
1222. Hearing the finished Lost Elevator project! (You can listen here!)
1223. The countless hours Phil put into engineering the sounds amazing!
1224. Jordan printing our promo material for us
1225. Dena coming over to help dip petit fours
1226. My mom staying up until 4 am finishing petit fours for the premiere
1227. The unwavering support of my parents un the crazy endeavors Dan and I undertake
1228. Premiere night
1229. The amazing cast and crew of The Lost Elevator
1230. Marie letting me shove my camera off on her and doing an excellent job of photographing the premiere
1231. So many family and friends showing up to support our work
1232. Watching people have a good time
1233. A group of about 30 people invading Perkins in 1930s garb
1234. Sleeping until noon

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