Monday, October 1, 2012

1,000 Gifts

"Joy is sacred  because it’s found only in His presence and when you know His presence everywhere, then anywhere can become a feast."

840. Friends getting married
841. Dancing with Dad
842. A job where "work" means I get to lay on the floor and play sleeping giant
843. A nature walk with my little guys
844. Heated floors
845. Whitney Erin on her second birthday
846. Dad calming me down over the phone when my tire blew
847. AAA
848. Dan letting me use his car for the rest of the day...
849. ...and Dad taking mine to get fixed
850.  Corn hole tournaments
851. Japanese lanterns and Christmas lights
852. Friends that stay late and play games...
853. ...and parents that stay up late with us, and help clean up after everyone's gone
854. Parties that turn into sleepovers
855. Autumn colors in all their glory on a Saturday morning drive
856. A sister in Heaven
857. Balloons floating through the sky
858. A full moon

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