Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mexico {Week 3: Sunday-Tuesday}

After our week off, it was so good to get back into Juarez working with one of the local churches there.   Just as with all the other churches I've worked with while in Mexico, this congregation was welcoming and eager to spread the Gospel in their neighborhood.  
The pastor

This guy was the song leader and had quite the sense of humor...

...before we knew it, he had Bill up in front of the congregation singing a solo. :D

...then he had us form a circle around the sanctuary. They sang a song about farm animals and would stop in front one of us and ask what noise a certain animal made. Whatever the person said, these two guys would mimik. It was pretty funny. 

Dan and Nick (or Nickers, or Snickers...take your pick)

Me and Sarah (Hector's daughter): Sarah, you're such a sweetie, and I can't wait to see you at STORYBOOK! :D

These two families are such faithful servants of God

Allie and Anna

"Love for Juarez" Even though people say we're crazy for going there, and it's been called the "homicide capital of the world", I love Cuidad Juarez.

David (one of Hector's sons), sporting the retro BPS hat

I love the intent looks on their faces

It really was a beautiful neighborhood

Notice this is the same guy that was listening with his daughter a few photos above...SO exciting!

The mountains we conquered. :) 

One of the best views on earth! :) (And, for the record, Dan took this shot.)

These kids are crazy about fútbol...and they're crazy good at it too

Next Wednesday is the final Mexico post (until next year that is!) be sure to stop by and see it!

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