Monday, September 17, 2012

1,000 Gifts

"In all these digital streams of information one can present as being present to all these the moments, but the truth is: framing your life may not necessarily mean that you are paying attention to your life…Lenses can help you look — but it’s stillness that helps you see. The gift always comes in simply being present in the moment."

812. A nap on a Sunday afternoon
813. The summer-like days that aren't yet yielding to autumn
814. {This}
815. Snuggling with Whitty
816. Dyna stopping over for diner
817. Chicken stir fry
818. Sunlight and a gentle breeze streaming through an open window
819. Gracious clients
820. Walking around downtown Minneapolis in the evening
821. Baby Katherine
822. Mrs. Glerum's warm apple panakuken
823. Family members who assist me on shoots
824. Praying around a fire with friends
825. An afternoon with the cousins at Valleyfair
826. Ice cream for lunch
827. Running to squeeze out one more ride

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