Monday, September 10, 2012

1,000 Gifts

"Each moment God gives is momentous. If we embrace each day as gift, then isn’t each event important? And if each moment lived is important, could we not then live in ceremony, celebration wrapped around each bead of time? God’s daily ceremonies bring order to the created world. And it’s our daily ceremonies that bring order to our chaotic world."

793. A trip to the Great Minnesota Get Together
794. Eating food on a stick
795. Flying through the night sky in the Ejection Seat
796. Eating peach pie for breakfast
797. Corn hole tournaments
798. Laying in the grass watching the clouds float by overhead
799. The spontaneity of summer melting into the rhythm of autumn
800. Whitty's little hand reaching for mine
801. Eating lunch on a picnic blanket under the clouds
802. Playing on the playground
803. A little girl beading on the end of my bed
804. Teaching debate
805. Lunch with mom :)
806. A favorite necklace re-made
807. Rain on the windows early in the morning
808. A portrait session with Leah
809. A brilliant sunset
810. Slippers to combat the fall chill that is creeping into the air
811. Fresh flowers on the table

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