Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mexico {Week 1: Wednesday}

Wednesday is a jam-packed, emotional day down at BPS. We hold a noon meeting, have lunch with the Mexican church, visit the Soriana, have the night meeting, and then say goodbye to the Mexican church.

The beauty of these roses was quite a contrast to the dusty, litered streets.

Dogs everywhere!

These teeter-totters just looked too fun not to ride. :D

I think I say it every post, but seriously, these children are just precious. 

I was able to help out with the puppet show this year. My arm would be really tired by the end, but it was a lot of fun. 

Mrs. Andrews speaks really good Spanish, so she was able to interact and have conversations with lots of the people. 

Hermano of the most humble servants of Christ I have ever met

The noon meeting is definitely a hot one. We bring tarps to hold up so people will be more likely to stay for the program. 

Karla was one of the interpreters my group worked with...when we were saying our goodbyes Wednesday night, she said "I just met you, but I already love you." So grateful we have eternity to spend together (with no language barrier)!

Hector translated the Pastor's testimony for us. He was a drug addict before coming to know Christ.

After we had lunch with the church, we played a little music and sang together

Buddies! :)

Some of the produce inside the Soriana (a Wal-Mart type store)

Fish, anyone?

Ari told me, I should use this photo on a business card advertising family photos. ;)

Authentic Churros 

Tomy candy for Tommy

To pass time on the bus, we worked on writing stories. We would pass the book around, and the person writing could only look at what the previous person had written. It made for some interesting stories, and provided some good laughs! :D

Andrew was the official story reader

One of my favorite pictures from the trip

These little guys were super shy about getting their photo taken...

Helen...she lived right across the street from the church. I saw her sitting outside of her house so I went and told her to come over and get her face painted. At first, she didn't want to, but eventually she came over and stayed for the whole meeting. She kept trying to talk to me, and I would try to understand her, but I would almost always have to say, "Lo siento, no comprende (I'm sorry, I don't understand)." By the end of the night, when she would say something, she'd wait for a minute, and then start laughing and saying "lo siento" and run off and find someone who could interpret. 

The Laughing Song...even after hearing it so many times, this song still gets me...

We had another good crowd Wednesday night

After the service is over, we usually snap a few pictures with some people from the Mexican church.

It's always really hard to say goodbye to them, even though we only work with them for a few days. Please pray for this church as they strive to be a light amidst the darkness in Juarez. 

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