Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Mexico {Week 1: Tuesday}

Tuesday is a lot like Monday...the group works in the print shop in the morning, assembling John/Romans and New Testaments.

 Most of the group goes through an assembly line putting the books together...

...a few people work "quality control" to make sure they're all done right. 

Polish Ping-Pong...these guys played this crazy game every time they had a few spare minutes...

"Un regalo para usted" "A gift for you"...that's what we would say to people when we passed out the John/Romans...what better way to remember it than to write it on your hand? :)

Stuffing the John/Romans with tracts before heading out

After the group heads out to canvas the neighborhood, Mr. Jarvis, Hector, and a few other people drive around with puppets sticking out of the window. A couple of times they drove past where we were walking, and Hector would announce over the microphone that "Meagan Wanschura from Hollywood" was here. Hehe. :) One night, I got to ride along in the backseat and do one of the puppets. It was so much fun to see the looks on the little kid's faces as we drove by. 

A few shots of the city...

I love the vibrant colors in these two shots...

 Face painting! Best work to do at the meetings. It allows for a little one on one action with the kids. It's fun to ask them their names and how old they are, what they want painted, what colors they want, etc. They are usually really shy at first, but then when you get done painting, and show them their face, they get the biggest smile. So much fun. 

So many dogs...there were a couple really cute puppies that little kid's brought along to the meetings with them. 

We had another great meeting Tuesday night. Even though we can't understand what's being said, it never gets old watching people respond to the Gospel message! 

Wednesday's recap next week! :)

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