Monday, August 13, 2012

1,000 Gifts

"Get out of bed everyday startled at the gift of the day and make the day a startling gift back to Him. ThankFULLness is the very thing that makes our lives run over to fill the empty ache of a hurting world."

728. Culvers to celebrate back to back division championships
729. Dan letting me borrow his car for the day
730. The huge, golden moon suspended in the night sky
731. New Batteries!
732. Playing with my pup
733. A day off work
734. Dinner with Dena
735. Having company!
736. Eating outside
737. Foosball Tournament
738. Volleyball
739. Bean Bag toss
740. Ping Pong
741. Apple Pie and vanilla ice cream
742. Editing photos outside in a lawn chair

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