Monday, August 6, 2012

1,000 Gifts

"Whenever you are about to howl to the heavens, “I don’t deserve this!”, close your eyes and remember Christ hanging on the cross and say it again aloud, “I don’t deserve this.”
Grace is the most revolutionary perspective of all and it will turn everything around.
The only real perspective to see anything by is grace." 

708. Riding home from the lake...just the four of us kids
709. Andy and Par bringing Famous Daves after the softball double header
710. More Wizard
711. Bri, Dad, and Dan working on my brakes
712. Sunlight streaming through the windows
713. {This article}
714. The Summer games!
715. Camping
716. Tall pine trees
717. Stars shining like diamonds in the black sky
718. Trees swaying in the breeze
719. Sweatshirts
720. A place to get out of the rain
721. Our tent staying dry
722. A hot shower
723. Bluegrass!
724. Ella-isms
725. My camera problems being just two blown batteries, and not a wrecked camera
726. {My chains are gone, I've been set free. My God, my Savior, has ransomed me. And like a flood His mercy reigns, unending love, amazing grace.}
727. Waking up to hearing loons calling

****Very bad, no photos this week. I was planning on taking a bunch up North this weekend, but when I went to turn my camera on Friday night, nothing happened. :/ On Saturday, I was able to connect with a friend who uses the same camera and try his batteries in my camera. Thankfully they worked, so he told me most likely an electrical surge ran through both the batteries when I was charging them before I left. A bummer not to have any photos from the weekend, but definitely a blessing not to be having to deal with camera repairs!

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