Monday, July 23, 2012

1,000 Gifts

"We were made to live in a posture of grateful worship, and when we live in praise, we live our purpose, and all the pieces fall in place, us all falling down in thanks."

***The picture in the upper right corner is my new car...I realized I hadn't posted a picture of it yet!***

662. Picnic Lunch on a summer day
663. Volleyball with friends
664. Dumping cold water on hot, dirty feet
665. Dinner with Mom, Dyna, Michelle, and Marie at Great Moon Buffet...just like old times
666. Two little girls sharing my room for a night
667. Dad coming to jump me, in the rain, when my car battery died
668. Rainy days
669. Playing violin with Ella singing
670. Spider webs sparkling with drops of rain
671. Dark chocolate
672. Hydrangeas
673. Lunch outside at Panera
674. Pedicure with Mom
675. Dan back home
676. A souvenir owl rear view mirror charm from Dan
677. The cutest contact lens case ever! :D

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