Monday, July 16, 2012

1,000 Gifts

There is Truth that is louder and surer than anything you can see or feel — and nothing that we have can change the sureness of Who He is.  

642. Celebrating Pastor Chuck and Mrs. Raichert's 40th anniversary
643. Sitting in the grass talking, enjoying summer
644. Grilled salmon and fresh vegetables
645. Watching kiddos playing in the sand
646. Having a car to drive to work
647. Daisy fields
648. Long summer days
649. Gardens in full bloom
650. My oldest two brothers unexpectedly showing up for lunch...and staying for dinner :)
651. Watching the little girls swimming
652. Warm peanut butter cookies
653. Turkey sandwiches
654. {This article}
655. Fresh flowers picked by little hands sitting on the table
656. Mom on her birthday
657. Outdoor plays
658. Softball Tournaments
659. Drumsitx...thanks, Dena! :D
660. Shade!
661. Watching our baby birds grow

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