Monday, May 14, 2012

1,000 Gifts

“Aren’t the heights of our joy always dependent on the depths of our thanks?”

412. Graduation Sunday
413. Pink and orange clouds swirling through the almost nighttime sky
414. A whole day at home to study
414. Happy hour at Starbucks = $2 frappucinnos!
415. Twins game with Dad and the brothers
416. Hot wild rice soup on a chilly evening
417. Creativity
418. Clean laundry on the line
419. Encouraging words
420. Mother Robin sitting on her nest
421. Ella "reading" to Whitney
422. The way everything turns a golden hue right before the sun sets
423. My very own 1,000 gifts book - excited to start reading it!
424. {The Lord will perfect that which concerneth you}
425. A drawing from Ella (it had an owl in it) :)
426. Lunch with just Ella and me
427. Ballet with Mom and Ella
428. The Spring Swing!
429. A sunny Saturday with no rain
430. Money raised for BPS
431. People who donated of their time and talent to make the tournament possible

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