Monday, April 23, 2012

1,000 Gifts

Followers of Christ take the inconveniences of plans and make them into instruments of praise. 
Followers of Christ take the inconveniences of life — and make them into instruments to love. 

321. A beautiful Easter Sunday morning
322. "Then bursting forth in glorious day, up from the grave He rose again..."
323. {How beautiful the tender eyes that choose to forgive and never despise}
324. The truth of the empty tomb {"Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, but has risen."}
325. Peanut butter pie
326. Ping-pong series with Marie
327. Catch with Ella alongside Dan and Andy's own tossing
328. Peanut butter pie
329. Pink buds blossoming from branches
330. Passed test!
331. Cribbage with Mom, Carol, and Danielle
332. Red wagons
333. The smell of freshly cut grass
334. A walk around Lake Nokomis
335. Mini-doughnuts, hot chocolate, and outdoor baseball
336. Chilling in the car listening to Twins baseball with Dan
337. Foosball with Dan, Lisa, Jonathan, and Zyrek
338. Dinner at Cossettas
339. Lunch at Zantigo before heading out to Manitou
340. Flying!
341. The Rocky Mountains
342. A warm dinner after a long day of travel
343. Meeting new people
344. Vintage cameras and typewriter
345. A classroom with a fireplace
346. A poppy seed muffin from home
347. The stars
348. The Manitou Springs city lights at night
349. Flashes!
350. The smell of lilacs
351. Quiet time outside with the mountains in view
352. Photo booth!
353. Encouraging words
354. Peach cobbler
355. Izze drinks
356. Singing the Doxology for a dinner prayer
357. Dutch Blitz
358. Strawberry shake from the Colorado Custard Company
359. Hearing stories about God working
360. Reminders to have a willing heart and open hands
361. IPS!
362. Borrowed batteries
363. Jocelyn's and Dirk's teaching, encouragement, humor, and authenticity
364. New friends
365. Playing games in the airport
366. Colossians
367. Coming home
368. Old World Pizza with my family
369. Chocolate from Ella
370. Owl note pad from Mom

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