Monday, March 26, 2012

1,000 Gifts

"We don't have to change what we see. Only the way we see."

250. Listening to testimonies of how God is working
251. Answered prayer
252. Ruebens for St. Patrick's Day dinner (a day late)
253. Discussing personality traits while cleaning up Sunday night dinner dishes
254. The sun rising like a golden ball of fire
255. Tulip leaves poking through the ground
256. An afternoon nap
257. A shared popsicle
258. Lightning illuminating the night sky
259. Rain pouring down on the dry and thirsty ground
260. Strawberries
261. A spur of the moment "out for lunch"
262. Unexpected work
263. An uncertain schedule that is teaching my flexibility
264. Having two little girls climb up on my can wait, tickle time can't
265. Whitney's "Hallelujah" song
266. Wrestling with tough questions, and having people who are wiser willing to wrestle them with me
267. Grass turning from brown to green
268. Buds on trees
269. Boutique shopping
270. Photography props
271. A new desk
272. Ella asking, as we are all laughing, "are we the laughing family?" :)
273. Sunglasses
274. A coupon from a stranger
275. Lunch with Priscilla and Alyssa at Noodles & Co. :)

Sorry for the at times blurriness - Whit is a little wiggle worm. It's just too cute not to post. ;)


  1. Oh, she's so cute!!! :) Funny how little ones can pick up a song or 2 and 4 year old brothers memorized almost the entire Peter Rabbit story awhile back, just from my mom reading it to them regularly!
    Have a good week,


  2. Yes it is funny how fast they pick things up. Kind of scary too, huh? ;) Thanks, Lydia, you have a good week too!