Monday, March 12, 2012

1,000 Gifts

When what you do isn't about gaining or getting but giving a gift to God - then your work becomes worship."

205. {March 4 Morning by Morning}
206. Pastor's Sunday message - {Romans 8:37}
207. "Complete in Thee, each want supplied, and no good thing to me denied, since Thou my portion, Lord will be, I ask no more; complete in Thee"
208. Communion - remembering Christ's great sacrifice
209. The amazingness of the fact that "God the just is satisfied to look on Him and pardon me"
210. {This song} - Definitely needed that reminder this week
211. Volleyball!
212. Ice cream with friends
213.  Sweeping away dust and ironing out wrinkles
214. Clean laundry ready to be put away
215. Thoughts that come quickly and words that flow
216. An open window and the sound of birds chirping
217. The smell of spices
218. Fresh banana bread
219. Temperatures in the 60s and the smell of Spring in the air
220. Ditching the research paper for capris, a t-shirt, sunglasses, and an afternoon run with my dog
221. Peanut butter and celery
222. Practicing violin
223. Dinner on the couch watching "Wheel of Fortune" with Dan
224. Having Mom home!
225. An owl card and owl bag
226. An evening with friends laughing and playing ping-pong
227. Hats! :)

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