Wednesday, February 8, 2012


What seems like ages ago now, I spent some time at Verity taking a graphic design class. One of the girls in the class was Brianna. A couple weeks before the graphic design class, Verity had hosted IPS's Prizewinning Photography I and II, and Bri had attended both of them. We had so much fun together talking about photography. We stayed up late (3 AM the last night) swapping editing tips and starting to set up her website. Our last afternoon, we went out for a quick photo shoot. She did my photos, and I did hers, and we had an overall splendid time. Bri lives in the Grand Rapids area, so if you're from there or know someone up there who needs a photographer, she does awesome work. Her website will be coming soon, but for now check out her Facebook Page

Bri, I had such a great time with you! =D Hopefully it'll work out for us both to be at Portraiture and Lighting in April! :)

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