Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lutsen Ski Trip 2012!

I thought I would take a break from blogging portrait sessions this week to bring you some images of the ski trip some friends and I took to Lutsen, MN last week. Enjoy!

Our adventures started in Duluth where everyone met up for a few games of bowling - perfect way to start the trip!

Lucas, Dan, Dan, and Phil figuring out the brackets...

Mom bowled ridiculously well in her first game, but kept claiming it was "just a fluke"

I raised my high bowling score to a 96...haha, pretty pathetic, but it was still a fun time.

Ari, Tessa, and I...hitting the slopes for Day 1!

(Almost) our whole group...Hannah, Jarek, Rob, Jessie, Christina, Dan, Me, Dan, Daniel, Tessa, Phil, Ari, Bill, AnaLise, Sam, Nikkia, and Ruth

Jarek...pretending he's about ready to go off "The Plunge". Due to the lack of winter we've had up here, not all of the runs were open. The Plunge was one of them. From what we could see of it, it looked like an insane run - almost perfectly vertical.

We were surrounded by beauty at every turn. I just took my little point and shoot out on the slopes with me, because there was no way I was going to go skiing down those slopes with my 5D Mark II. Sometimes I was really bummed that I didn't have it though, because there were so many awesome places for photos.

Lutsen has 4 different mountains, but only 3 of them were open. There was a gondola that took us from one mountain to another, which was pretty cool and offered a good view of the territory.

Me, Nikkia, and Ari...done with Day 1 of skiing.

When I went out to start loading the car to head back to the hotel, this was what I saw. So, of course I grabbed my camera and started shooting away...

The North Shore is b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l.

Even though skiing was done for the day, the fun certainly wasn't anywhere near over. After dinner and discussion of embarrassing childhood moments, it was time for some Four on a Couch, followed by Fish Bowl with the whole group. 

Dan acting out a troll ;)

After the big group games, we broke into smaller groups for more games. For some of us, that meant night two of the Milles Bourne tournament! Definitely hooked on that game right now!


Scattergories with Ari, Phil, Dan B., and AnaLise... (No Ari, you can't use adjectives before your words, and no, "smart" is not a four letter word. ;) )

Skiing day 2!

Dan and me

It was super foggy on the top of the mountain on Thursday morning. The sun finally broke through though, and made a gorgeous reflection over Lake Gitchi Gummi...

Back to back days of skiing...a first for me!

Long runs = long chair lift rides...I guess it can't be avoided. 

The whole Alzen was the little boys first time skiing. 
*Please be praying for Tessa (white jacket), she smacked into a tree on the final run Thursday afternoon, and they just found out she most likely suffered a minor concussion. Also, her hip is bothering her, and she is having an MRI on it this afternoon.*

 The sunsets up on the North Shore are incredible! This is what the sky was like as I commenced on the final run of the trip.

Tall pines...

Group photo time! The whole gang! Mr. Alzen, Jonas, Sam, Mr. Macijeski, Ruth, Mrs. Alzen, Tessa, Bill, Lucas, Christina, Jessimine, Hannah, AnaLise, Dan, Amanda, Isaac, Ari, Dan, Me, Rob, Nikkia, Daniel, Jarek, Phil, Lucas, Jacob

Silly faces! =D

More beauty on the way back to the hotel

Sven and Ole's for pizza! The (mostly) adult table...

...The (mostly) girls table...

...and the guys table

Glorious weather, awesome runs, gorgeous scenery, great games,  fun discussions, entertaining movies, and the best friends ever. THAT sums up a perfect ski trip! The only bummer? It went by way too fast! Already looking forward to next year!

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