Monday, January 23, 2012

1,000 Gifts

60. Sunshine on a Sunday afternoon
61. Singing "Our God Reigns" at church..."When we like sheep had gone astray, our Shepherd came and on His shoulders bore our shame."
62. Starbucks giftcards
63. New earrings
64. A sunset painted with pink
65. Steaks grilled by Dad
66. Sorting through high school papers and remembering all the great classes I took and the awesome teachers I had (Mom, Mrs. Glassel, Mrs. Billman, Mrs. Hofer, SeƱora Welsh)...
67. ...And, reading through my graduation cards - lots of encouraging words from lots of great friends
68. Sleeping Babies
69. When "working on school" means being able to take and edit photos
70. Projects that can be used for multiple classes
71. Completing my Desktop Publishing PLA!
72. Phone calls bringing news that all is well
73. Answered prayer
74. Psalm 91:1-4
75. My brother's service 
76. Reading "Mommies Say Shhh!" to Whitney for the umteenth time...she adores that book
77. Another successful recording session
78. "Minnesota Zoo Show"
79. A night filled with games and talking with the Hall girls before Nikkia heads back to school
80. laughing... :D
81. Little girls dancing
82. A drawing from Ella
83. Wonders of the sea
84. Experiencing an amusement park through the eyes of a 4-year old
85. My camera necklace (okay, so I've had it for 2 months now, but I absolutely love it! Thanks, Amanda!)

"Joy's a matter of gratitude. And gratitude is a matter of perspective. What matters then is that He gives us eyes to really see. ‎Every breath's a battle between grudgery & gratitude. Give thanks -- & you win joy..."

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