Monday, January 9, 2012

1,000 Gifts

Multitudes of gifts...

9. New Year's Eve Extravaganza
10. Big, beautiful snowflakes
11. Around the World Ping Pong
12. Milles Bornes until 6 AM
13. Sleepovers
14. Sweedish pancakes
15. An afternoon of games with family and friends
16. Laughing
17. Road trip!
18. Bowling
19. Stars shining like diamonds in the night sky
20. Tall pines
21. A warm bowl of mom's wild rice soup after a morning of skiing
22. Frappuccinos! 
23. The sun setting over Lake Superior
24. Evenings filled with games, movies, talking, and laughter
25. The view from the top of Moose Mountain
26. A ski trip free from serious injuries
27. Good friends
28. A final Friday fast food dinner at Grammy and Bups
29. Hugs from brothers

"Contentment isn’t a state of organization, a weight on the scale, a state of better: better kids, better marriage, better health, better house. Contentment is never a matter of circumstances; contentment is always a state of communion — a daily embracing of God. A thankfulness for all the gifts – and moments and life, just as He gives it. "

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