Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Storybook 2011!

Storybook Lodge Family Camp is probably the most anticipated church-related event of the year. One weekend every year, nearly the whole church heads up to the small town of Biwabik, MN for a weekend of fun and fellowship. This year was no disappointment. We enjoyed absolutely gorgeous weather and had a great time!

Storybook weekend was over a month after the year end softball tournament, so the guys were dying to play some ball!

Group games are always a big hit. Mr. Hall, who usually does the games couldn't come up until Friday night this year, so Stefan took care of the games on Friday afternoon.

Our speaker this year was Pastor Marty Holt. We met his grandson, Matt at BPS this summer, and then when our family vacationed in Colorado (pictures will be coming, I promise!), we stayed with their family. It was a lot of fun to have him and his wife Judy for the weekend!

Who can get the most tic-tacs in the bucket? =)

It was fun to see the creative ways people came up with to stack the highest cup tower

For some reason, doing dishes at Storybook is always so much fun. Perhaps it has something to do with water fights and singing?

The guys had fun sweeping the leaves off the roof...

More evidence of the gorgeous weather we had...!

 The lake was practically screaming to be kayaked on... we happily obliged. ;)

This year bean bag toss was immensly popular! We found the perfect place to play - under the chapel, so after the gym closed, we headed over and had tournaments until about 3 in the morning. I'm not sure how we could even throw straight at that time, but it sure was fun! 

The tournament brains...Phil and Taylor

This picture just makes me laugh =D

It was so nice that we were able to have a baptism on Saturday afternoon 

 Such a beautiful place to get baptised

Before the baptism a bunch of kids waded out to watch the baptism from the dock

After the baptism Mr. Dueck threw Jonathan Hall into the water...

 ...then some of the older guys thought it would be fun to do the same to him, but they weren't as succsessful

Saturday afternoon games with Mr. Hall...

 Nikkia came up for the weekend!

 Dan was really proud of his paper airplane creation ;)

I'm not sure people realized how difficult it is to throw a paper airplane into a 5-gallon bucket!

Ahh...the smell of Oreos...

Allie (who we also met at BPS) came up for the weekend! =)

 Mr. Hall didn't like that Bill ate his Oreos, and he asked me to take a picture to embarass him...

A little basketball action...

The Mighty Scoop Noodle Challenege made for some fun photo-ops

 Mr. Alzen organized this game

Chapel is one of my favorite times of Storybook...
The  kids choirs sang on Friday night...there's something special about little kids singing!

Some of us jammed on Saturday night, which was a ton of fun!

Mr. Glerum shared, "There is a Redeemer"

The Bruggenthies Quartet

Marty and Judy Holt

And, of course, no Storybook weekend would be complete without some volleyball!

Storybook 2011 was great fun and we're already looking forward to 2012!