Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I am finally getting around to posting photos from our family vacation to Colorado!  It really was a great trip and this post is long, long overdue.  I'll actually probably break it up into two posts since there are so many photos. Enjoy!

A few years ago, we started taking pictures of all the State Capitals we's South Dakota

Mount Rushmore at night

always a spectacular sight!

Dad was going for the biker look...I think he could pull it off. ;)

The "Needles" Highway

My lovely mom. :)

I think this buffalo was just along the highway

Dad likes vacations to wide open spaces

Making lunch

This train was at the place we stopped for lunch...I'm really liking how my outfit coordinated with the train. ;)

Scott's Bluff

the bluff was a landmark along the Oregon Trail

Oh, and your faces...seriously, I could do a whole post with similar faces

Cheyenne, Wyoming

Denver, Colorado

A cool old church in Denver

We went to a Rockies Astros game at Coors field.

We went to a Rockies

This was the 5th MLB stadium I've watched a game in... Camden Yards in Baltimore, Safeco Field in Seattle, and of course the Metrodome and Target Field. And, since this game, I've added Busch Stadium to my list...only 25 more to go! =)

I <3 keeping score!!!

The Denver skyline

We spent about a week right outside Rocky Mountain National Park and visited the Park several times.

Lots of beauty to behold 2 miles above sea level...

It rained just about everyday at around 2:30 up in the mountains.

a large elk herd

 My Ansel Adams attempt

Trail Ridge Road is a highway that runs through RMNP. On one side is Estes Park, on the other is Grand Lake.


We were up quite high. ;)

We did quite a bit of hiking one day...lots  of little streams and waterfalls along the way.

Just chillin'...

We spent one day shopping around Estes Park...they had a lot of unique little boutique-ish stores. Dan and Dad especially had a lot of fun that day. ;)

the cabin we stayed in

More time in RMNP

Mom with Lake Irene in the background (her middle name is Irene)

Haha, this picture makes me laugh. Dan was really bugging me about something (or perhaps I was being easily annoyed), and I'm pinching his leg. =D

It was raining the day we saw this part of the park, but right before we walked around this lake, the skies cleared and the sun came was gorgeous!

Thus ends the RMNP portion of our trip. I'll post the rest of the photos next week.

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