Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Part 4: Tuesday

More time in the print shop Tuesday morning. Here's Anna. =)

Mr. Godin and Miss Betty

Me and Ari =)

Ari and I packed up the John-Romans on Tuesday (Although Ryan still taped up the boxes for us). Between the two days, we assembled over 7,000 copies of John-Romans. We were pretty excited about that!

"Johan" and Tyler, Ari and Me...epic games of foosball took place between these two teams...and I mean epic! ;)

One of the best things to do on the bus...catch a little sleep! =) Rob and Dan B. doing just that.

When we got to the park we were going to be working at, we opened up the boxes of John-Romans and stuffed them with tracts.

Ryan getting his stack ready to go

Piles and piles waiting to get passed out. Mr. Jarvis told us that for every John-Romans that we hand to someone, an average of 9 people read it. So, if we assembled around 7,000 booklets, that's about 63,000 people that will hear the Gospel. And, since we didn't pass out all the books that we assembled, our work down there continues even though we're all back home.

Mrs. DeRaps making some little kids very happy.

We would usually pass out the John-Romans to the adults and little comic-like books that gave the Gospel message to the kids - they really liked them.

The whole purpose of our trip - getting God's Word into the hands of the Mexican people.

This girl was our interpreter for the week. Her name is Rossy. She was from the church that we worked with and she did a great job of walking around with us and knocking on doors, inviting people to the meetings. "Buenas Tardes!" she would call out at every door.

When there were no kids waiting to get their faces painted, sometimes the workers had a little's Dan H. painting a beard on Bill...

...and Dan B. showing off his "soul-patch"

Okay, now we're back to painting the niños! =)

Ari painting a beautiful "mariposa"

Me working on an "estrella"

All of us face-painters at work...(thanks to Dan B. for this picture, and the two above)

Hector preaching to a good-sized crowd

so many kids with big brown eyes

Paying close attention

"They are precious in His sight..."

Mr. Jarvis looking on...actually, knowing him, he's probably praying like crazy right now. Tuesday night towards the end of the meeting we starting to hear some thunder and see some lightning in the distance. Thankfully it never reached us.

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