Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Part 2: Sunday...

After church on Sunday morning, we had a few hours of down time before we headed into Mexico to meet the church we with whom were going to be working. So...we had a little bit of fun. ;)

Ryan looked very charming in this floppy hat that we found on a hat stand in the game room. =)

 ...but it took a little bit of prodding to get it on him ;)

Bill didn't have any problems with putting it on though... =D

 We played quite a bit of ping-pong (and I think I only won 3 games the whole week. =/)...

 And lots, and lots (and lots and lots) of foosball. Pretty much anytime we had a few spare minutes we would play a game of foosball.

 This was a common scene all week...Dan and Ryan going after each other.

The outside of the church that we were working with (not the best photo, I know, but it's the only one I can kind of get the idea)

 Inside the church. We went to the Sunday evening service. The assistant pastor gave the message. I later found out that the head pastor is an American missionary to Juarez, and he was in GA for a Bible conference the week we were there. It was cool singing along in spanish with the hymns they sung.

Hector translated the sermon for us "gringos" 

After the service, they served us soda and cookies. They were a super outgoing church and made us all feel really welcome.

These two twin girls (Nohemi and Rutt) were "cracking us up". They were trying their best to speak a little English and we were trying our best to speak a little Spanish. We mostly just ended up laughing at each other's attempts. Thank goodness Ari was along with us...she was a Spanish pro! =) Nohemi, asked me if my camera was digital. I was showing it to her and trying to explain how it worked. Then I asked if she wanted to try it, which she did and... is the result. Not bad for her first try. =)

 After we got home from church we had some time before curfew so the guys had a big arm-wrestling tournament. I videoed most of the matches, so I only have a few pictures.

 With about 45 seconds 'till curfew the guys convinced me and Ari to arm was pretty comical

 Then we headed to bed in anticipation of an amazing week.

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