Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dan {The Rest of the Shoot!}

Yeah! I finally got a chance to do some photo editing! =D Here are the rest of the shots of my brother Dan. It was incredibly windy up in Duluth, so that's why his hair and shirt are blowing around in some of the pics, lol. Dan, you're a stunning model. ;) Enjoy!

i <3 you, bro. ;)


  1. Great pictures :) The first one is my favorite!
    I also like the new blog set up! Looks fantastic!! :)

  2. Meggie, this looks great! -Dana

  3. For being as windy as it was those turned out amazing. Helps that you have a good model too. :P

  4. Wow, those really turned out great! I really like the lighting in them. Nice job!
    - Tessa