Saturday, January 15, 2011

Winter Is For...

Foosball Tournaments.

Remember how I said I was ready for a party? Well that's because we were having a party! About a year ago a few families got together and had a Foosball tournament. It was quite a popular event. We have since had three more tournaments and it has quickly become an anticipated tradition. Last night was our turn to host the big games. It was a fun and competitive evening!

 Yeah, we take this pretty seriously. I bet you've never seen "Foosball Champion" trophies before. ;)

 The moms usually don't join in the tournament, so they have created a competition of their own...a cook/bake off. This time the theme was "Christmas desserts". We had to sample all the desserts (yes, it was quite a sacrifice) and then vote for our favorite. Mom won this time with her awesome "Mint Dazzler".

The championship game... won by the team on the left...but it was oh, so close - 10-9...
Photo courtesy of Dan...Hurray for brothers who can take good pics! ;)

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  1. cool Meg, sounds like you
    had a great time at the Foosball turnament.