Saturday, October 9, 2010

Autumn Is For...

Homer Hankies™...

Okay, so I know what you're all thinking...Homer Hankies? C'mon, seriously, the Twins are on the verge of once again being swept by the Evil Empire...

I know, but somehow, I always force myself to hold out hope until it's officially over.

So, I'll cheer for the home boys once again heart says, they'll shock the baseball world and make a head says it's the same old story line. My heart says the Yanks won the two in our house, we can take two in theirs...Then my head comes back and reminds me that their house is Yankee Stadium. My heart says we beat them this year at Yankee Stadium...And then my head says, yeah, one game in May...this is October.

Yeah, this is October, and strange things can happen. Tonight will tell what wins out, my heart or my head; whether it's the beginning of a comeback or the end of the road...Go Twins!


  1. Too bad they lost.
    But I'm no fairweather freind.(Nor are any of us.) GO TWINS!!!!!