Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Year End Softball Tournament

As I mentioned in a previous post, my dad and brothers play on our church’s softball team. Saturday was the big year end tournament…the most exciting part of the season, except that it means the season is over. I love softball tournaments. Softball games are good and all, but a tournament is the best…and I would know. After all, I’ve been packing up and going to either baseball or softball since I’ve been 6 months old – that’s 20 seasons of watching the game! Anyways, I think what makes tournaments so much fun is that it is almost like a mini-season that you play all in one day. You have the regular season and the playoffs all crammed into the span of about ten hours. And, lots of fans come out to watch…and scream…and stomp…and clap…and scream some more. Yes indeed, the year end softball tournament is lots of fun. The Stormin’ Normans finished fourth out of twenty four teams this year. Scoring kept me busy for most of the day, but I still managed to snap a few pictures. For a full write up of the tournament, as well as more photos taken by my friend, Amanda, visit the Official Site of the Stormin’ Normans.

The Stormin’ Normans: Brian Wanschura, Marty Godin, Isaac Alzen, Larry Glerum, Andy Wanschura, Tom Nadeau, Gary Bruggenthies, Dan Wanschura, Tyler Godin, Mike Wanschura, and Joe Sands

Hanging out between games…

The Wanschura Brothers

This was the scene after they beat the Galilee Gladiators, a team that had beaten Normandale in the past two tournaments. They are always emotionally intense games with adrenaline running high. You would have thought they had won the championship game by the way they were celebrating.

Ahhh…another year of softball in the books.


  1. I like the pics. I miss ball with the guys already

  2. Righto, Brian. Next year is going to be awesome, but we still have a long offseason ahead of us. :(

    Thanks for taking those great pictures and video, Amanda and Meagan…at least we have those stellar memories to cherish until next year.