Monday, July 26, 2010

Como Zoo (Minus the Animals)

On Friday, Mom, Ella, the Godins and I went to Como Zoo to see the animals and have a picnic lunch. I realized, after getting home, that after a day at the zoo, I had no pictures of the animals…oh well.

Ella and Mom on the Merry-Go-Round

Ella and Emily

Three of the four Godin brothers: Tyler, Ryan, and Josiah

Como has a new Polar Bear exhibit; here the kids are hanging out in the Polar Bear Cave.
I love the expressions on the three youngest kids’ faces

The always smiling Josiah

Ryan and Amanda - can’t you tell they just love each other?
Oh, and speaking of Amanda, I did a mini-photo shoot with her outside of Como’s Conservatory…post coming soon. ;)

Two very dirty little girls: Ella and Abby

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  1. like um,like um… ;) It was a fun day with you guys